Measure Y Oversight Board



Meeting Schedule: The meetings are held at the City Council Chambers at a minimum of twice per year and/or on an “as needed” basis.


Duties: Reviews the expenditures of revenues received from the ½ cent transactions and use (sales) tax (Measure O) approved by Oakdale voters on November 8, 2011 and was extended by way of approval of Measure Y by Oakdale voters on November 11, 2014 to ensure the funds are spent in accordance with the ballot question.


Membership/Qualifications: A five regular member and two alternate member committee appointed for five years, the term of the tax. Members must be registered voters and reside within the Oakdale city limits. 

Location:                       Council Chambers

                                        277 North Second Avenue, Oakdale


Staff Contacts:              Bryan Whitemyer, City Manager                                                                 Julie Christel, Council Services (209) 845-3573 


Council Liaison:           






280 N. Third Ave | Oakdale CA 95361 | 209.845.3571

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