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Sec. 4-7 and 4-12.   License/Rabies-


Dog license required. Every person who owns, controls, harbors, possesses or keeps in the city any dog for more  than 30 days shall obtain a dog license.See Fee Schedule and Services page for more information.


Sec. 4-15.   Running at large prohibited-(Leash Law)

It is required that your dog be leashed at all times when not properly confined on your property. Each day is a seperate enforceable offense.


Sec. 4-17.   Disturbing the peace.-(Barking Complaint)

It is required that you keep to a minimum your dog, cat or other animal's habitual howling, yelping, whining,  barking or other noise that disturbs or annoys any considerable number of persons or neighborhood. 


Sec. 4-18 and 4-18.1  Keeping domestic animals.-  (Number of pets allowed in a household)

3 - Dogs and 3 - Cats=6 animals, no mix other than 3 and 3 is allowed to be maintained or harbored on any property over the age of 4 months unless the owner has obtained a kennel license or breeders certificate through the City of Oakdale. 

1 Horse or 1 Cow or 1 Sheep or 1 Goat per 1/2 acre of property 

6 Domesticated fowl, hens only-No Roosters

4 Rabbits or Hares

6 Chinchillas, Hamsters, White Mice, Rats

6 Pigeons-must be permanently confined in an aviary with a permit as required under section 4-25 OCC

12 Small Aviary birds


All Stables or Barns shall not be located within 100 feet of a residence located adjacent to the property the animals are housed on.


All Pens or other quarters for animals or fowl shall be kept a minimum of 15 feet from any property line that borders the property the animals are housed on.


Sec. 4-26.   Breeder certificate


A breeders certificate is mandatory for both cats and dogs when they  are pregnant, have had or the owner is planning to have.


For complete list of Oakdale City Code pertaining to Animal Services

please see Chapter 4 of OCC Code

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