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Welcome to the City of Oakdale’s Economic Development webpage. The site has been developed to serve both existing businesses as well as those that are considering relocating to Oakdale.


As we seek to serve the businesses in our community, this site is designed to provide useful information and resources to help your business excel and succeed in Oakdale. We also look forward to your suggestions and feedback on ways that we can serve you better. 


If you are an existing Oakdale business, thank you for being here. If you are looking to locate your business in Oakdale, we welcome you and will endeavor to make your decision to come here an easy one.

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Recycling Market Development Zone Program

 This program provides low interest loans to businesses which divert material from the landfill and recycle it into a new or reusable product.  Since Stanislaus County is a Zone, any business that sites within Stanislaus County has access to the various programs provided by the RMDZ in addition to the opportunity to apply and receive a low interest loan to assist their business operations. 
For additional information, contact the Stanislaus County RMDZ Administrator at (209) 525-6700 or vist CalRecycle RMDZ for Stanislaus County 
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Jump Start Stanislaus: You Hire, You Train, We Pay!


The Alliance’s “Jumpstart Stanislaus” campaign kicks off April 15th with the goal of adding 1500 new jobs to the county this year. The first component of the campaign runs through June 30th and focuses on job training and wage reimbursement opportunities for local businesses.


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