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What is Measure L?

Measure L is a 25-year, 1/2 cent sales tax, that was approved by Stanislaus County voters by an overwhelming 71.95% on November 8, 2016.  Measure L provides funding for local transportation to improve our local streets and roads, improve connectivity and reduce congestion.  

Measure L - Completed Projects

2017 Street Overlay Project:  Project Limits - Lee Avenue from Poplar Street to F Street and Pontiac Street from Oak Avenue to Lee Avenue.  

Measure L Funds Expended: $639,916.40

Magnolia Street Rehabilitation Project:  Project Limits - Magnolia Street between Oak and Laurel Avenues.  

Measure L Funds Expended: $757,054.00 

Third Avenue and E Street Parking Lot Project: Project Limits -  Downtown area on the corner of Third Avenue and Third Street. 

Measure L Funds Expended: $58,141.00

Measure L - Projects Currently in Construction

H and Ash Street Improvement Project: Project Limits - J Street to H Street, and H Street from Ash Street to Oak Avenue.  

Measure L Funds Budgeted: $370,326.00

South Fifth Avenue Utility and Surface Improvement:  Project Limits - J Street to G Street.  

Measure L Funds Budgeted: $995,000.00

Measure L - Future Projects

Poplar Street Improvement Project: - Project Limits - Laurel Avenue to First Street.  

Measure L Funds Budgeted: $420,000

Bridle Ridge Trail Maintenance Project:  Project Limits - East end of Trail from Branding Iron Street to Ranger Court. 

Measure L Funds Budgeted: $100,000

Warnerville / Albers Project Collaboration with Stanislaus County for Road Rehabilitation Project: Project Limits of 2,600 feet of Albers from Warnerville Road to City Limit Line to the South. 

Measure L Funds Budgeted: $593,000





For more information please visit Stanislaus Council of Governments.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Public Services Department at (209) 845-3600.