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Complete a new business license application form.
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If you have other questions, please call (209) 845-3571.

Disability Access Requirements and Resources
Notice to Applicants for Business Licenses and Commercial Building Permits (pdf)
▪ Who is required to be licensed? All persons or companies conducting business in the City of Oakdale are required to obtain a business license and to pay the business license tax. This includes commercial landlords and residential landlords (renting ten or more units), retail outlets, wholesalers, manufacturers and any self-employed or contract representatives, service companies, professionals, independent contractors and home businesses.
▪ When and how often am I required to pay? All license taxes are payable prior to beginning work. All businesses will be assessed annual taxes per calendar year. The business license tax must be paid annually. As a courtesy to the business community, the City does send renewal notices. The city is not required, however, to send notification to any person who is liable for the tax. It is the responsibility of the individual business owner to be aware of their business license tax due date and to remit payment in a timely manner.
▪ What are the tax rates? The business license tax is based on the nature of a particular business as defined by the Municipal Code. Businesses located within the City of Oakdale that are either retail or wholesale will pay based on their gross receipts. All other business will be taxed either on gross receipts or according to their classification.


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