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About Animal Services


The City of Oakdale’s Department of Animal Control, services the city limits of Oakdale, Riverbank and Escalon. In February of 2009, the City of Riverbank started contracting with the City of Oakdale for Animal Control services.  In 2022, The City of Oakdale partnered with Escalon to provide Animal Services. 



The city of Oakdale’s small facility was built in the 1970’s and has slowly been renovated and remodeled to fit the ever-expanding needs of the city it services. 


A total of six staff members and a supervisor run and manage our facility. Each city has a designated officer that patrols and handles their related animal incidents, we also have two support staff members who help cover shifts and provide assistance to the unit as needed. Our facility has one shelter attendant who oversees the daily needs and operation of the facility and animals.



Besides patrolling busy streets for lost, injured, and abandoned animals, our animal control officers also conduct humane investigations when animal cruelty is suspected, providing shelter for stray animals, offering assistance to owners and finding lost animals, provide emergency services after hours, enforce all California state laws and local animal control ordinances, and conduct animal licensing (canvassing) inspections to name a few of our services.



In addition to its on-site and field personnel, the shelter is assisted by the efforts of our volunteers who work with the animals in our care and participate in various education and fundraising programs, off-site adoption events and provide low cost spay and neuter vouchers for local programs in the hopes to help educate members of the public we serve to provide homes for the animals that live in our city and reduce the number of unwanted/unplanned litters of animals in the effort to reduce the number of animals in our area.



Our animal shelter offers a variety of potential pets for you to choose from that have come from our area. Most of our animals are either strays or pets turned in by owners who are no longer able to keep them.  The many benefits of adopting from a city animal shelter include low‑cost spaying/neutering, an initial veterinary checkup, the peace of mind knowing that your new pet has received its initial vaccinations against contagious diseases, and the satisfaction of having saved the life of a shelter animal.


Our facility is currently equipped with:

10 Inside-outside dog runs

4 Outside dog quarantine kennels

9 Outside overflow/receiving dog runs

1 Puppy/quarantine inside kennel

1 Puppy yard

11 Inside quarantine cat kennels

1 Cat adoption room that enables us to have an additional 6 small kennels or 3 large kennels.

1 Play Yard



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