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ARPA Non-Profit Grant Application
Click link above for application form

Non-profit organizations in the City of Oakdale have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Oakdale has received an allocation of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funds and the City Council has allocated $100,000 from this funding source for the Oakdale ARPA Non-profit Grant Program.

Details of Application Process:


• Must be a non-profit located within the City limits of the City of Oakdale. However, should the City of Oakdale have excess funding, there may be the potential to open up a second round of funding that would be open to qualified 501(c)(3) organizations that are located outside the City limits but provide services within the City.


• Proof of at least consecutive months of operation from 03/19/2020


• Provide information describing the funds lost during the pandemic from not being able to hold normal fundraising events.


Anticipated Schedule:

A. City Council Reviews and Approves Application Process – March 21, 2022

B. Applications must be submitted to the City no later than 5pm on April 15, 2022. *Due to the holiday, this deadline has       been extended to 5 pm Monday, April 18, 2022.

C. Selection Committee Reviews Applications and submits recommendations to the City Council

         (Selection Committee:  two members of the City Council (appointed by the Mayor), the City Manager, and the CEO of                 the Oakdale Chamber of Commerce)

D. The City Council will approve the award of the grants at the May 2, 2022 City Council Meeting

E. Funds will be disbursed shortly after City Council approval

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