Oakdale Tourism Business Improvement District Advisory Board




Oakdale Tourism Business Improvement District Advisory Board


Term:                                 4 year staggering terms. 

Meeting Schedule:          As needed.    

Location:                           City Council Chambers

Staff Contact:                   Albert Avila, Finance Director, (209) 845-3571



Powers and Duties Generally:


The Advisory Board shall be responsible for developing the Oakdale Tourism Business Improvement District's business plan to specify the activities, services, and expenses to be provided by the District and the specific amount of assessment necessary to carry out the District's plan.



Hotel Owners/Operators Members:

Chaitanya Mahida: Reappointed 04/2018; Term Expires 04/2022

Makesh Mistry: Reappointed 02/2017; Term Set to Expire 04/2021

Ramesh Mistry:   Reappointed 04/2018; Term Expires 04/2022

Has Panchal:  Reappointed 04/2020; Term Expires 04/2024

Vacant:   Term Expires 04/2024

At Large Members:

Robert Taylor Reappointed 03/2017; Term Expires 04/2021

Vacant Position; Expired Term 04/2017; New Term to Expire 04/2021

Vacant Position: Unexpired Term Set to Expire 04/2023

280 N. Third Ave | Oakdale CA 95361 | 209.845.3571

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