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Act Fast!


It’s important that you check with all of the shelters in the area to look for your pet. Sometimes pets can wander far from home. If you don’t find your pet at a particular shelter, leave a lost pet report and current photo with the staff.


                                                                                 In Stanislaus County contact:








Make Sure your pet can be identified:


1. Your pet wears a current rabies tag, license tag or ID tag with your current contact information.

2. Your contact info is on file with the veterinarian who provided your pet’s mostrecent vaccinations.

3. Your contact information is current with the registry for your pet’s microchip ID implant.


Ways to help find your lost pet:


  1. Check each shelter daily. 

  2. Notify friends and neighbors that your pet is lost.

  3. Contact veterinarians in your area. 

  4. Read the “found” ads, and take out a “lost” ad in the newspapers.

  5. Check on craigslist, and use social media to spread the word.

  6. Post fliers in the area where you lost your pet.

  7.  Don’t give up! Remember, many well-meaning people do not know it is unlawful to keep a stray animal and will not immediately take a

  8. lost pet to an animal care center.  They may keep it at their home for several weeks hoping to find the owner on their own.


If you find a lost animal, here are some recommendations to ensure a lost pet is returned to its owner:

Please be careful handling an unknown animal.  Lost pets may become frightened and may bite or scratch.  If you cannot safely handle the animal, call the Oakdale Police Department for non-emegency assistance at 209-847-2231.  

Take the animal to the animal shelter for your jursidiction. This is the best place for a lost pet, and will create the greatest likelihood it will be reunited with its owner.

The animal shelter will scan the animal for a microchip. 

Place “Found” fliers where you found the animal.   

Use ads in local newspapers and Internet sites to spread the word.  


Why Pets Stray

A common reason a pet will stray from home is that it isn’t spayed or neutered and is looking for a mate. Spaying or neutering eliminates an animal’s reproductive instincts and decreases the desire to roam.


Tips Courtesy of Oakdale Shelter Pet Alliance Website

Oakdale Animal Shelter

9800 Liberini Road

Oakdale, CA

(209) 847-5625    

Stanislaus County

Animal Shelter

3647 Cornucopia Way

Modesto, CA 95358

(209) 558-7387

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