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Volunteer Application (PDF)



Thanks to the wonderful citizens in Oakdale, the Oakdale CIVICS Volunteer Program and T.A.G. (Team up Against Graffiti) Programs are currently FULL!  


(We've left the information up for your future reference only. NO applications are currently being accepted.)


We encourage you to volunteer in other ways: various local service groups, Love Oakdale (held annually), etc. Or simply look for the "little" things: pick litter in your neighborhood or a park.  Many people doing "little" things on a regular basis makes a BIG difference!! 


Welcome to the Team-Up Against Graffiti (T.A.G.) Program.


If you are here to report graffiti in progress, please call 911. If you are reporting graffiti, please call the Service Request Hot Line at 209-840-6111.


The Oakdale T.A.G. Graffiti Abatement Volunteer Program is an all-volunteer Oakdale CIVICS program operated under the direction of the Oakdale Police Department.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Oakdale T.A.G. program, simply complete a volunteer application.


Our citizens and the City will come together to help maintain our streets, parks and properties by immediately removing any graffiti on public or private property to maintain the City of Oakdale’s secure and desirable community status.


Purpose: To organize citizens of Oakdale to control graffiti in their community.  The quicker that graffiti is removed the least likely an area will be defaced again.  By creating one centralized program issues that are reported can be addresses immediately.  The City will provide training, instructions, and cleaning products to volunteers. 


Currently we are recruiting volunteers for our T.A.G. program. 


If you are a property owner that has been a victim of graffiti and would like for the T.A.G. Program to assist you please fill out a consent form and submit it to the Oakdale Police Department.


The Adopt-A-Park (AAP) and Adopt-A-Trail (AAT) program is a public service program that has been developed as part of the City of Oakdale’s CIVICS Volunteer Program.  This is one way for the citizens and the City to come together to help beautify Oakdale's Parks and Trails. 


A minimum commitment of one year of service to the adopted area is required, performing tasks at the location at least twice a month.  Volunteers can pick up litter, rake leaves, remove graffiti, report hazards, sweep pathways, pull weeds and clean play structures. All that the program requires is your time.


AAP Agreement


AAP Pamphlet


CIVICS Volunteer Program

Making the changes needed with the strength of many.​

Oakdale has a wonderful tradition of volunteerism going back to the city's founding. Our first city park, Dorada Park, was created through the volunteer efforts of Dora and Ada Rodden during the early years of Oakdale's rich history. This volunteer culture continues today under the Oakdale CIVICS Volunteer Program. Citizens Volunteering in City Services (CIVICS) supports the volunteer activities and opportunities in virtually every city department.
Volunteer participation in city services helps to enrich the community and fosters a sense of partnership between Oakdale citizens and city government.  The CIVICS Volunteer Program allows all Citizens the opportunity to work together and strengthen their relationship with the City and each other.  Opportunities are available throughout all City departments. 
If you enjoy meeting new people, getting to know others and working towards improving your community for generations to come, then the Oakdale CIVICS Volunteer Program is for you! Volunteering for a City volunteer program or project can be flexible with your available schedule and you can decide what amount of time you feel you can dedicate. Some programs are just a few hours a month, while others can be many hours each week and provide a long term opportunity.
Becoming a volunteer is easy. Just download the CIVICS Volunteer Application using the handy link below, or come to the City of Oakdale City Hall (280 North Third Avenue, Oakdale, CA 95361) and pick up an application. Once you complete your application, simply bring or mail it to our city hall for processing.

The Oakdale CIVICS Volunteer Program (CIVICS) vision is to strengthen the community of Oakdale by engaging with our Citizens through volunteer programs and projects with the City.  We believe that a strong partnership between the City and the Citizens will create a better quality of life for all of our community members.

Our program is continually developing and if you have comments or suggestions, please contact us.  We are always looking for new and innovative ideas.

























Business Support for the CIVICS Program



Oakdale businesses support the CIVICS Volunteer Program by contributing financial support to the program and by displaying a "we support CIVICS" decal in their business window. In addition, many of these supporting businesses* also provide discounts to CIVICS volunteers. Below is a list of the businesses who support the CIVICS Volunteer Program.
A.L. Gilbert Company - North Yosemite Avenue - 209-847-1721
A Touche of Flowers* - 822 West F Street - 209-847-0113
Albertoni and Corso DDS - 1419 West F Street - 209-847-0309
Alexandra's Home and Garden - 105 North Third Avenue - 209-845-8179
Bank of the West - 134 Maag Avenue - 209-847-8101
Bordona's Furniture* - 102 West F Street - 209-847-0351
Cafe Bliss* - 152 North Yosemite Avenue - 209-847-3830
Cost Less Market - 888 North Yosemite Avenue - 209-847-5919
Cow Track Lounge - 850 North Yosemite Avenue - 209-847-7531
Cross Roads Auto Center* - 368 East F Street - 209-847-5979
Economy Custom Painting - 209-404-1931
Edward Jones - 202 East F Street - 209-848-4496
Firenze Ristorante - 502 North Yosemite Avenue - 209-322-3320
Golden Valley Awards* - 141 North First Avenue - 209-847-6572
Grocery Depot - 1362 East F Street - 209-845-8708
J. Haidlen Design House* - 507 West F Street - 209-847-8066
James Freeby - Property Owner 
Heritage Storage Facilities* - 795 Greger Road - 209-848-8575
House of Beef - 201 North Third Avenue - 209-847-5991
In The Garden Nursery - 148 North Sierra Avenue - 209-847-6635
Les Schwab Tire Center - 1300 East F Street - 209-845-8472
Master Auto Body* - 550 Delano - 209-845-1700
Moss Rose Bakery - 118 North Third Avenue - 209-847-0542
Norm's Barber Shop* - 747 West F Street - 209-847-0245
Northern Lights* - 220 East F Street - 209-848-3330
Oakdale Bicycle Shop - 445 East F Street - 209-847-5073
Oakdale Feed and Seed - 141 North Yosemite Avenue - 209-847-0307
Oakdale Locksmith* - 500 East F Street - 209-847-2066
Oakdale Pharmacy* - 1390 West F Street, Suite F - 209-322-3745
Oak Valley Community Bank - 125 North Third Avenue - 209-848-2265
Oak Valley Jewelers* - 1449 East F Street, Suite 103-B - 209-847-1131
Pacific Canvas - 815 South 7th Street (Modesto) - 209-578-3687
Pak Mail - 1570 East F Street, Ste L - 209-845-8366
Pamyla's Salon-Spa-Retreat* - 133 North First Avenue - 209-847-3938
Phat Hogs BBQ* - 1449 East F Street - 209-322-3813
Prime Shine Express - 526 East F Street - 209-848-9274
Reyma Tax Preparer- 1039 Walnut Street - 209-845-9541
Rite Aid - 1300 West F Street - 209-847-1324
Rite Aid - 1449 East F Street - 209-847-4279
Saundra Goncalves - Realtor, Century 21 M&M* - 209-844-4951
Scotty's Doughnuts - 1190 East F Street - 209-847-7445
Sears Authorized Hometown Store - 860 N. Yosemite Avenue - 209-847-6700
Signs by Randy - 794 Wakefield Court - 209-848-0330
Spray & Son Janitorial & Carpet Cleaning - 209-847-2713
Subway (West) - 1080 West F Street - 209-848-1990
Subway (East) - 1449 East F Street - 209-847-2011
Suzey Belen's* - 140 North Third Avenue - 209-848-2849
Swanberg and Sceville, D.D.S., Inc. - 1390 West H Street - 209-847-8091
The Mint Mark - 210 South Sierra Avenue - 209-559-0359
The Yogurt Station* - 1214 West F Street - 209-602-9612
Tractor Supply Company - 1580 East F Street - 209-845-2402


Weyland-Yutani Manufacturing

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