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The City utilizes an electronic service provided by Quest Construction Data Network (CDN) to advertise  Public Works Projects plans and specifications and to track plan holders. Via this website link, potential bidders can preview current projects at no charge or download project plans and specifications for a small fee. This website is a supplement to the City’s advertising process and will not displace the procedures in place for publication of the projects.


For information on current Public Works projects out to bid, Request for Proposals, and awarded projects, please select the following link:

Quest Construction Data Network (CDN

Click here for the On-Line Bidding User Guide.  If you have any questions about the Quest bid submittal process you can contact Quest at (952) 233-1632 or contact them on their website at

To bid on a Public Works project you are required to obtain plans through this Quest which automatically enters the bidder onto an electronic plan holder’s list which will streamline distribution of addendums on behalf of the City. 



In order to purchase and download project plans and specifications, bidders will need to register with the provider of this service, Quest Construction Data Network. Instructions on how to register with Quest can be found by accessing the link above and clicking on “My Quest Account" and "Join".  Please be advised, only bidders who have registered and downloaded project plans, will be added to the electronic planholder's list. As long as the potential bidder is listed on a plan holder list (whether electronic or otherwise), they will receive the same benefit in terms of addendums and other information related to that specific project.


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