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First time users must complete the following steps to view your account information.

1. Users must have email.
2. Find your account number on your Municipal Services bill.
3. Click here to Register and Sign On.
4. Enter your account number. The account number must be entered exactly as shown on the Municipal Services bill with the dash and no spaces, such as 12345-6789.
5. Click on the Sign On button. Please see note below on Cookie Use.
6. Create a new PIN, a PIN reminder and enter your email address. The PIN number must have between 3 and 10 characters. The registration process stops here if you do not have an email account.
7. Click on Submit.
8. Next, click on Exit. You will receive an email from the registration process. Please open the email, and click on the link within that email to complete the registration process.
9. After you have clicked on the link to complete the registration process, a screen will appear that states your account has been enabled. Your registration process is now complete. Click on "this link" to sign on the system.
10. To access your account information, sign on and use your own PIN.

Note: Cookies are small pieces of text that a Web site can store on your computer and recover later. Session cookies only last as long as you are logged in or have your browser open. Permanent cookies are stored on your disc for use the next time you visit the site. The City's Municipal Billing web site uses only session cookies that are removed when you log off. If your browser is set to accept all cookies, this transaction will be invisible.


If your browser is set to accept no cookies, you will need to change it to allow a cookie to be set for this session. If your browser is set to ask if you want to accept a cookie, say "Yes". You will be unable to access your account if you do not accept the cookie.


*Click here to download reader.



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