Public Works

We are responsible for streets, sewer, drinking water, and parks maintenance. 


Mission Statement: To provide a high level of service and customer satisfaction through the design, construction,and maintenance of public infrastructure in a reliable and cost-effective manner.


Vision Statement: To achieve greater customer satisfaction, increased reliability and resource conservation;maximize the use of state-of-the-art technology; and improve efficient and cost effective use of resources.

Maps (PDFs)
Oakdale City General Map 
Bench Mark Map 
City Monuments Location 
Street Guide Maps  
Bike Path Map 
Storm Drain System Map  
Street Sweeping Schedule Map

City Standard Specifications

Oakdale Post Construction Standards Plans


Master Plans

Sewer Master Plan Volume 1
Sewer Master Plan Volume 2
Storm Master Plan
Street Master Plan
Water Master Plan


Encroachment Permit
Construction Site Pollution Prevention
Traffic Issue Submittal Form
Transportation Permit 
Grading Permit
Construction Site BMPs
Fire Hydrant Use Permit 
(Well) Water Destruction Application 
Water Quality Consumer Confidence Reports
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ADA Grievance Procedure

The City encourages members of the public with complaints regarding access to a facility, program, activity or service to attempt to informally resolve those complaints with the responsible person in the Department providing the facility, activity, program or service.


In the event a complaint cannot be resolved informally with the department, complaints regarding access to City programs, facilities, services, or activities on the basis of disability may be filed in writing using the ADA Grievance Complaint form at the following address:


City of Oakdale

Attn: ADA Coordinator

455 South Fifth Avenue

Oakdale, CA 95361

(209) 845-3600

ADA Grievance Complaint Form-Procedure



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455 South Fifth Avenue, Oakdale, CA 95361

Phone:           (209) 845-3600 

Emergency:  (800) 868-8750 

Fax:                (209) 848-4344




8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Tuesday - Friday

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9700 Liberini Avenue, Oakdale, CA 95361

Phone: (209) 847-4322

Fax: (209) 847-3036


Ways to Conserve Water
Water Conservation Tips  

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