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Zoning Code and Map


You may view a copy of the City of Oakdale's Zoning Code on-line by clicking on the Municipal Code link below. This will take you to an off-site webpage which is regularly maintained and updated. Once you are there, you will need to refer to Chapter 36.


The zoning code provides the "nuts and bolts" regulations that are used to implement the policies of the city's General Plan. Zoning laws are used to regulate the physical development of land and specify the areas in which residential, industrial, recreational or commercial activities may take place.


Zoning is also used to control other development regulations, such as signage, parking, and minimum yard requirements, more commonly referred to as setback requirements.


The zoning designation of a property is only one of many factors that can influence the development potential of a property. 


It is important that you contact Planning Division staff before you make a significant investment in your proposed project.


Municipal Code

Zoning Map

Planning Division

To view these files, you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  If you do not already have the program installed, you can download a free version by clicking on the Adobe icon provided below.  
Please download Google Chrome if you experience any difficulties downloading any documents. 

Oakdale Demographics


Development Review / Planning Application Forms


Design Expectations 

2030 General Plan


Specific Plans





Land use entitlement applications undergo various referrals for compliance with local and state public agencies and CEQA circulation and noticing requirements.  Additional types of referrals along with links to project specific information, may also be posted below.  A description of the referral type and or information is provided with each link.


PROJECT NAME                                                                           DOCUMENT

2017-17 Sierra Pointe Annexation  


2023-21 D Street (Villas at Tesoro)

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