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Online Municipal Billing Access


If you are a first time user, you will need to register your account before you begin. We do not charge for credit card payments.

If you are a first time City of Oakdale Online user, Please sign up now to get started

Payment Site supported by Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Online Municipal Billing Account


The City has consolidated all its billing under one system. The Municipal Billing account is now for all City services (Water, Sewer, Garbage, Airport, Municipal Citations, Parking Citations, Street lights, Sidewalk Repair, Etc.).


Customers can view comprehensive, current account information, billing history, and payment history.


You can also print out your current bill, and make a payment.


Online Municipal Billing provides customers the ability to view their bills over a secure Internet connection.


To access your Municipal Billing Account Click here


Simple Directions to Setting up your Online Access Click here


Detailed Online Access Directions Click here


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